The Da Vinci Portrait

A while ago I bought a Leonardo Da Vinci print at IKEA that looked very much like the painting of Danielle in Ever After, so I did some research on it. I don't know why, but I was suprised to find that the painting of Danielle in the movie is based on a real Da Vinci painting! The movie folks made it look more like Drew, but compare it to these real Da Vinci sketches:



Here are Leonardo's:

This painting very much resembles Leonardo's "Head of a Young Woman", which is in the National Art Gallery in Parma, Italy, dated 1506-1508, but possibly as early as 1490. See this page and this page.

The site says, "It is a fascinating face, slightly spoilt by a badly painted eye. The faintly accentuated hair manages to give the idea of the breeze that agitates it. We wanted to show a study for the lost painting of the Leda, of which many preperatory drawings were made, but the meditative character is more typical of a Madonna rather than a profane figure. It was still Pedretti who lamented the exclusion of this portrait from the Leonardo catalogue by many scholars: "Perhaps, in all his earthly thinness, this is the most sublime of Leonardo's works, more sublime than the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper, a work that was conceived to live out of time and space."

Here are others that are very close:

(This is the one I have...) "Head of a Young Woman": See this page.

and "Testa di Faniciulla Detta": See this page.

You can see some of these sketches on this page.

If you use google image to search "da vinci head of a young woman" you'll see more web sites with the images in case the above links don't work..


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